Why Affiliate Marketing?

Before you read this article if you are after making $1000000000 without putting in work than STOP!! This article isn’t for you. go watch those other youtube videos that waste your time just for you to leave empty-handed.

But if you are willing to put in the work to make Affiliate Marketing a successful journey than your in the right place.

I bet you’ve watched countless YouTube videos about affiliate marketing, pulling in people with their clever schemes. Only to walk away feeling empty.

It’s not often you come across blogs, where they give you a very important Tip that could be the difference between being successful in your business or a big bust.

Here is a free tip, In order for these BIG AFFILIATE money-making individuals get 6 figure passive incomes. They hire virtual assistants, Virtual Assistance is there to help you manage your business, making your business a 24hour business, Virtual assistance can help you increase your chance to make income. this will only work if you understand the basics of affiliate marketing. but if your looking for virtual assistance than I suggest you work with

If you’re like me and use the internet 24/7, you’re more than likely come across an affiliate Marketing link just like this one a product through amazon.

Affiliate marketing is based on sharing revenue, I sell the product and make a commission from it. The individual or company takes the rest and vice versa it’s as simple as that, But…

Don’t be fooled by YouTuber’s or those with Social Media presence who makes it look so easy, showing you the proof through banking statements, or sales records through an affiliate program of how much hundreds if not thousands they have made.

Like any other Job in the world, you must learn the basics before you are given an even greater job to complete. We have all done it, I’ve done it working at factories, yes I am a trade of all jacks when it comes to working at multiple factories.

In fact, I couldn’t hold down a job, to me, it just didn’t feel right thinking about your boss with his legs up sitting outside by his pool drinking some sort of beverage while your sweating making him hundreds if not thousands a week.

The average worker in Australia earns depending on age makes around $20 an hour maybe a little more if you are lucky. just enough to scrape by for the week for average working families

Why Affiliate marketing? It really depends on how hard you want to work towards making a passive income. It takes little to no money at all to start affiliate marketing and there are a plethora of ways you can go about it. many affiliate marketing companies online you can partner up with, sell Top brands of Electronics, Protein powders, Indoor and outdoor equipment, plenty of categories you can choose from.

But like I said, in order for you to move on to the next important task like any other job, it is always best to familiarize yourself with the basics of Affiliate Marketing understanding the basics is always important for anyone to succeed, just ask any successful Affiliate Marketer about their success and they will tell you that Knowledge is the most important thing to succeed in anything you do, without it your basically walking on quicksand, you can try, and try your best to do affiliate marketing, without proper guidance your journey will be short-lived.

yours be searching YouTube video after YouTube video, website after website only to find that you arer not sure what is going on.

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