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Valorant Act three will arrive subsequent week with a brand new map, a brand new collection of skins, and a brand new battle go with a recent lineup of unlockables on separate free and premium reward tracks. Later within the month, a brand new character named Skye, a healer with some magical animal pals, may also be part of the struggle.

Skye is mainly an Australian forest guardian who travels with a really small, magical petting zoo. She will be able to deploy and management a Tasmanian tiger that, when triggered, will explode in a concussive blast that damages enemies who’re immediately hit by it. She additionally has a guidable hawk that may flash and blind enemies, and can play successful affirmation if any have been inside vary and line of sight when it went off. Skye’s “Regrowth” capacity allows her to make use of a trinket to heal all allies inside vary and line of sight—though she can not heal herself—and her final capacity allows her to ship out three Seekers that can observe down the three closest enemies and “nearsight” them, obscuring their imaginative and prescient.

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