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Effectively, No well no time soon according to Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores. Who prefers experience in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Flores said that “Tagovailoa has been technically cleared to play in the season opener, but that the severity of the injury he suffered last year is still very much a part of the conversation they are having internally”.

I believe coach Flores made the correct decision concerning Tua Tagovailoa; his hip injury is nothing to take lightly. It could be over with one play.

Why rush? Tua is ok observing from the sidelines; he’s already admitted that he is taking in everything that Fitzpatrick is showing him. And that’s the best thing a rookie could ever do. It shows us that Tua’s mindset is the right mindset for a Franchise in need of A Leader on and off the field.

Let me remind those that Tua can handle the big occasion he was instrumental in the 2018 Championship Finals against Georgia when he replaced Jalen hurts in the 2nd half.

Tua Tagovailoa would go on to crush the hearts and souls of the Georgians with the last play of the game.

Throwing that beautiful 40+ yards laser beam of a throw right into the hands of Devonta Smith to seal the deal. Earning coach Saban and Alabama another championship Trophy.

Tua’s time will come, however, for now, let him observe and learn from veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick who seems to be a real down to earth guy keen to assist tua.

Checkout a few of Tuaman’s personal practise with the Miami dolphins.

And a few of his Alabama Highlights.

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