Microsoft AU

Getting sick of these random posts of soccer news despatched to my UFC category page on my website for no reason and it annoys me quite a bit that I could not discover a YouTube video to elucidate the right way to repair it.

I even had random users in my account, even attempted to delete these users. No matter what I did they simply kept coming back.


I spent almost a whole day, hours looking through the WordPress dashboard, I came upon who the perpetrator was. and now I haven’t got to fret anymore these annoying random users have stopped and I no longer have random soccer posts going to my ufc category.

Step 1. click on settings.

Step 2. look for Writing tab once you have found it.

3. click on (Writing) Tab.

It should bring you to the writing settings web page.

4. Go to where you can see mail server, login identity and password.

5. Delete the everything in mail server, login identify, and password than save settings.

And that is it.

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Thank You.