Is It TUA Time?

Well, No not yet! according to Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores.

Flores said that “Tagovailoa has been technically cleared to play in the season opener, but that the severity of the injury he suffered last year is still very much a part of the conversation they are having internally”.

I believe Flores is doing the right thing here, taking his time making sure that everything will be 100% when tua finally takes the throne from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Why rush? Tua is fine where he is, I guarantee you tua is learning everything he can under Fitzpatrick. And that is the best thing a rookie could ever ask for.

We have all seen what he did at Alabama, he was instrumental in the 2018 win against Georgia throwing that 40+ yards laser beam to Devonta Smith to seal the deal.

That was equivalent to a Mark Hunt walk off KO.

Tua’s time will come, but for now let him learn, let him understand what the coaches want from him, Fitzpatrick is a great mentor in my eyes, he looks genuine and willing to help tua.

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