Microsoft AU

Typically what appears exhausting to determine is usually the simplest to repair.

utilizing WordPress for a beginner like me is nerve-racking on occasions and when you can’t even discover a solution on WordPress forums your stress levels are likely to increase lol.

Here was the issue I had with WordPress, I tried to edit my blog post. but it would not let me, for some bizarre reason it would take me to the category settings page.

Irrespective of how many times I attempted to edit my blog post it was simply not letting me. So I uninstalled the latest plugins which for me was Pixelyoursite and SEO Yoast.

After I uninstalled these plugins, I was able to edit my post.

And now after I press edit it takes me to the edit page.

That’s what I did to edit my pages, I hope this works for you and helps you out so you’ll be able to assist others.

If I helped you out today please leave a comment. 😎😎