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Created by Perfect By Design Solearticle.com uses the Internet platform through WebBlogging as a way to express my thoughts, views and opinions on topics.

I believe reading news articles from different journalists have developed my writing skills, and with a touch of salt, I added my own personality to my own original content.

I have come to respect and appreciate Fearless Journalist and what it takes to freely express one’s view on topics that some would keep quiet fear of persecution and condemnation.

It is the work of our Journalist day in and day out why we are able to keep up to date with the latest news without them we wouldn’t know whats going on around the world.

As a supporter and a contributor of TheGuardian.com, I hope that you to may freely give as you receive and keep Fearless Journalist alive.

If you would like to contribute and support Australian Journalist @TheGuardian.com, please use this link “SUPPORT.

You may also see Compassion ads displayed throughout the website. I am a big believer of giving to those less fortunate than us and Compassion lets you do that for just $5 you can help families across the world. As a Contributor to Compassion.

I ask you; please help these kids and families around the world; no one has to know what you have given let that be a blessing between you and God.

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